Sunday, 18 November 2012

Oddish - Gloom - Vileplume


So yesterday I lounged around in my PJs with my dog, ate dry chow mein noodles and broccoli for dinner, watched old Project Runway episodes and designed these three guys. This morning, I lounged around in my PJs with my dog, ate dry chow mein noodles for breakfast, fought with my parents' scanner, watched more old Project Runway episodes and colored the dresses. I have been super productive this weekend...
I really enjoyed the process of coming up with the Oddish series! They're very interesting Pokemon, morphologically! Also, the colors are absolutely stellar... especially the dark red and blue combo on Gloom and Vileplume. There were a couple of elements that I stuck with through the evolutions... one being a darker blue skirt that gets more and more covered up as the Pokemon evolve further (indicative of a flower growing and obscuring the stalk as it gets bigger). Another one was a shimmery sequin thing... it's not so much present in the Gloom dress, as that would have overcomplicated things, but is present in both Oddish and Vileplume. As with all my Pokedresses, click for a larger image, and please do not copy or reproduce without my permissions :)

So. Here is Oddish.

Fig 1. Oddish dress

Initially, I wasn't going to do a sleeve, and instead do some sort of dark blue legging... it did not work so well. It made the whole outfit look incredibly childish and hipster (interesting combo, but it happened...). So I went with a sequined sleeve. The top is very structured, and comes from Oddish's leaves. The red gems on the back of its shoes are indicative of it's eyes.... in hindsight they probably could have been left out, but I feel like there needed to be something there.

Next up, Gloom! (And my favorite of these three, I think)...

Fig 2. Gloom dress
Gloom has these interesting little organic tendrils underneath its budding flower. I used these as the main part of the dress, trying to stick with a very structured feel up top. To make the top and bottom a little more cohesive, I used some purple ribbing (color and shape comes from Gloom's lips). I wasn't going to initially add the blue skirt underneath, but decided it was a good idea when I realized it was a good way to lend some cohesiveness to the series, as well as make it a little more professional, and a little less vulgar. One of the more prominent characteristics of Gloom, is the constant presence of drool coming out of its mouth. Mm, pleasant. So I used it on the shoes. They look a little like icicles, but that's okay. I still think they're cool. I wouldn't style the dress with these shoes, I don't think. A dark red or purple would be much nicer.

On to Vileplume! (coming in at a close second for my favorite of this series)

Fig 3. Vileplume

Unfortunately with Vileplume, the morphological characteristics turn a little less interesting. I wanted to keep things structured up top, as well as a bit more sleek. I wanted to give the impression of volume, without compromising a streamlined looking. This turned into a wide sleeved, peplum sort of garment, with an orange zipper down the back. I like the cutouts, and only added them to help create a more interesting back. I did sort of an ombre sequin thing with the body of the dress, because I wanted some way to break up the monotony of the top. With one single solid color, it wasn't very interesting. I also wanted a way to incorporate the dots present on the pokemon's flower, without being too literal. I again dealt with some inner turmoil on adding the blue skirt underneath, but I think that it makes the whole look a lot more professional, and less vulgar. The orange accessories come from the little ring present on the top of Vileplume's flower.
I might go back to this one later, and just neaten up the outlines I wrecked when doing the sequin art. 

Anyways, hope you guys enjoyed! ...And I love feedback, so if you have anything to say, please let me know in the comments :)
45 done! Only 105 more to go... Wow. That seems like a lot. Good thing I enjoy this!

Lindsay Aspen - 29CentPens


  1. Yay! You've started posting again! I am so happy and am looking forward to the next 105! Ah so happy!

  2. Oh lord lady your designs are so breath taking it makes my little nerd heart great joy to see these on here!!!

    I just have a slight question I know you must be busy but if you would do Cyndaquil's evolution in your pokedress designs i think i would die and go to heaven.
    Maybe we could even Colab on a design for a prom dress?

    All credit will go to you of course, but i just love your dresses and would love to wear one of your creations walking down Grand March for my senior prom. Please get ahold of me If you do.
    Love your designs again. -Mrs. Leroux

    1. Hey! What is your email address? I would love to discuss this with you, but I feel it may be better over email where it isn't public.

  3. I just wanted to say I love your design ideas for the Oddish evolutions and all of your designs and art style in general. You're an awesome artist and I wish you luck in your future pursuits. :)