Sunday, 13 January 2013

Venonat - Venomoth

iHola todos!

I have begun studying Spanish again! Very exciting. In the Canadian school system, it is mandatory to study French in elementary school (grades kindergarten - 8) as French is our second language. I hate french. J'deteste le francais. No me gusta nada la lengua francia. None of my siblings like French either, so my mom and dad took matters into their own hands. They enrolled us in Spanish lessons. They were on Saturday, 8:30 til 1:00, every week. Any ordinary kid would have been fed up with that, but my siblings and I loved it. We learned all sorts of interesting things and after 3 years in the program, my brother and I could speak Spanish better than the adults enrolled in the class. We stopped our studies once I hit grade 7, but upon entering high school, I was able to take advanced spanish classes in grade 9. Since then, Spanish had been ingrained in my lifestyle. I quit my studies in my second year of university, in first term of last year when I was unsure what direction I was going to take with my studies. After a year off, I am finding it a little difficult to remember everything... yikes. Necesito tener las characteristicas de un buen estudiante. Necesito repasor todas las noches, hacer mi tarea, y pensar en espanol.
***I need to have the characteristics of a great student. I need to study every night, do my homework and think in spanish.

That was a long story about nothing. You want Pokedresses. Let's have'em.
As with all my dresses, click for a larger, more detailed view and please do not copy or reproduce with out my permissions. Thanks!


Fig 1. Venonat dress
I was experimenting with my scanner, and decided to scan the lineart with the highest dpi possible (600). Ridiculous resolution. I think it created more problems than solutions for me though. I use the fill tool a lot for large blocks of color, and the extremely high resolution meant that every pixel was considered when filling in the image. My Sketchbook program crashed several times, and was really annoying. Grr. So the image is a little blurry. I think you'll get the gist of it though.
About that dress though. 
Honestly Venonat is one of those Pokemon that I'd sooner leave than take. This is the second dress I designed for this Pokemon. The first was a furry sort of jacket, with kind of a horizontally textured skirt and gloves. Waaay to sophisticated for Venonat. I showed it to my Mom today though and she liked it more than this one, so maybe I'll do an updated Venonat. Or I could do round 2 with the first 150... Anyways, I took things down a notch with dress 2, a high-waisted number that was meant to be more cute than sexy. I like the accessories a lot, but the shoes look like raspberries to me... something about the pores. In real life, I think they'd look good. Looking at it now, I think I should have used a redder color. The shoes and top are sort of magenta-y pinkish and it doesn't sit too well with me. 
But look! Furry skirt! With pearls or some other white, non sparkly gem in it. I like furry things. Mmmm. Softness. I bought a great fur vest when I was in California this year. I'm still too scared to wear it. One day. 

Venomoth! I choose you!
...not actually. Venomoth is another one I probably wouldn't want in my lineup. I acknowledge that poison and sleep techniques are deadly, but venomoth just doesn't look that cool. 

Fig 2. Venomoth dress
Ta da! Another blurry-ish image. I apologize. This one is detailed, so the blurriness is too bad. I designed this one thinking about moths. Moths flutter and flit about, with little direction, so I wanted to do something whimsical. It's one of those business in the back/party in the front type of dresses. I used the pattern from Venomoth's thorax for the fabric, and overlayed, transparent moth wings. For the moth wing designs, straps and back of the shoes, I used a silvery embroidery, that would shimmer more than I was able to depict here.

Hope you like them!
Lindsay - 29CentPens


  1. Well hello. I came upon your blog via where your dress ideas are featured, and I was intrigued. So I ventured on down to see what all you had done, and over all I think these dresses are awesome and would fall for any girl that would wear one. But as a Dude, personally, I find the huge wedge shoes to be a bit of a turn off. I can obviously see that you love them, nothing wrong with that, but I think you should A)Sometimes stray from the 70's wedge shoe or B)Have a second shoe option that isn't a wedge shoe design. I understand that may not always be easy, especially since you love this shoe style, but I think that the added option would be fantastic. But yesh I say well done, standing ovation! I think I'll stick around to see whats to come.

    1. TonyZ,

      Thanks for the comments! On the wedge shoes... I have received tons of flack for it. I have a few reasons for sticking to my guns though. 1) Continuity of the line; I want some consistency for all 150, and since Pokemon are quite morphologically varied, the only way I thought to do this was through the shoes. 2) I don't necessarily LOVE wedge shoes, but they're an easy template that I find customizable for each Pokemon. 3) The focus of these drawings is the dresses. The shoe designs are really just for fun, and to give an idea of a color palate that could work for accessories.

      But again, thanks for the support :)

    2. Okay I can see where you are coming from and I agree that continuity is a good thing, and that the focus is the dress. But the fact that you put the shoes in kinda makes it part of the dress, so maybe someday when you are stuck and cant figure out what to do for a pokemon, go back and add a different shoe style? Id love to see it!

    3. Exactly what I was thinking :)
      I'm stuck doing it now, but it'll change later.

  2. Hey, I wanted to say i love you blog, I see it frequently and i love your designs and pokemon too. I just created a blog for about a week, about geekery and i wanted to know if I have your permission to mention you and your blog in mine and show some of the designs cause i love them :)

    P.s: I am Spanish and im thrilled that you like Spain and the Spanish language so much. And actually i have to say instead of No me gusta nada la lengua francia: I would say No me gusta nada el francés and it is repasar not repasor. But except that its good, keep practising and keep doing Pokemon designs, I am a fan :)
    Sigue así